ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker


Browse the Internet without any banners or pop-ups


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The Internet is plagued with sites that are full of ads. In some of them they are not really that annoying, but in many of them the content is almost buried in banners, pop-ups open continuously, and sound ads pop up automatically.

With ChrisPC Free Ads Blocker you can make all of that disappear in an instant, you just have to start the application and you'll be able to browse without any ads bothering you.

From the options menu you can choose if you want it to work on all the browsers or just on a specific one. Besides, you can also block ads for certain countries.

Another advantage about this ad block is that it saves bandwidth over time, specially from banners that have sound or music. The app shows the statistics on the main window, indicating the bandwidth you've saved and the number of ads that have been blocked.
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